As this is a very early build, we are looking for feedback on Afrocorn's gameplay! If you have questions or comments on the game, please send them to us!

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How to play

Afrocorn is a 2 player game! It's designed to be played on an arcade machine, so the PC controls involve 2 people using 1 keyboard.

The objective is to push mugs off your opponent's side of the table, and prevent mugs from falling off your side. Only mugs and cups count for points, other items like bombs and snails can fall without penalty.

During the table phase, press your action button (Z or N) to push. You can hold it down to charge a bigger push. Press your secondary action (X or M) to save a mug from falling off your side when it turns red and displays a ! mark.

During the boss phase, move your cursor and press either action button to fire.


Afrocorn is still early in development! This is a demo build to get some initial impressions from people. Please give us your feedback at the links above!

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