• Type of project – Environment Art
  • My role – Everything
  • Date – November/December 2012

Lunheim is a modular environment built in UDK. It’s my first environment done in UDK, and took about a month to take from concept to completion. Below are several screenshots of the finished environment. If you would like to see some intermediate images from the earlier stages of this environment, please check out this thread I ran on Polycount. Click the images to see them at full resolution.

Lunheim 1

Lunheim 2

Lunheim 3

Lunheim 5

Lunheim 7

Lunheim 8

Lunheim 4

Lunheim 9

Lunheim 10

Lunheim 6


This is the original concept art I did that the scene is based on. As you can see, I held true to the shape and composition of the scene, though the details and lighting changed during the process.

Lunheim Concept 1

Lunheim Concept 2