Skyward Cove

  • Type of project – Environment Art
  • My role – Everything
  • Date – 2011

Skyward Cove is a game environment I created for a school project back in 2011. It was the first major environment art project I ever made using Unity.

Once home to a prosperous fishing village, Skyward Cove now lies bathed in the bright dry sun, devastated by the sudden disappearance of the sea. Ships that had flown gracefully across the glimmering ocean have embedded themselves in the deep sand, and the docks have crumbled away. Structures on the cliffside and ocean floor suggest an attempt by the Cove’s former inhabitants to continue their lives after the water fell away, but only a ghost town remains all these years later.

Why did the seas fall away? What happened to the villagers? The only clues that remain are a set of mysterious stone tablets, inscribed with strange symbols in an unknown language. Perhaps they document the demise of the villagers, or explain what actions could have angered the earth so greatly that all its water would dry away.