Super Rooftop Chopper Fighter 3D Site

  • Type of project –¬†Game
  • My role –¬†Everything except some of the VO
  • Date –¬†February 2013

Super Rooftop Chopper Fighter 3D is a game based on a prototype I created in 48 hours using Flashpunk in January of 2011 for a game jam. It was made using Unity 4 over the span of one month. The game features voice acting by Daniel Akerstream.

You can see more and download the game for free from, or just use the widget below!

I did a presentation for a Winnipeg Unity User Group (WUUG) meeting about Super Rooftop Chopper Fighter, deconstructing the game and explaining how it was made. If you’re interested in making games with Unity or are curious about how this project was put together, you can watch a recording of that presentation¬†here.