Yettu Gettu

  • Type of project – Game
  • My role – Code, design, some art
  • Date – Started September 2012 (on hold)

Yettu Gettu is a game of bouncing, parachuting, and rolling down mountainsides. The rocky peaks are inhabited by a strange race of creatures called the Yettu, who appear in a variety of different forms. Some might give you a push forward, while others will eat you on the spot. Using the terrain and the Yettu to your advantage, your goal is to get down the mountain as quickly as possible.

The game is being developed in Unity. I am taking care of programming, level design and modeling, while Amy Gerardy is doing texturing and additional art. We still have a ways to go on this game, but you can follow our progress on its devlog. (This project is currently on hold, but Amy and I will be getting back to it sometime in the future!)