Afrocorn Demo

  • Type of project – Game
  • My role – Code, design, some art
  • Date – Started September 2012 (on hold)

Afrocorn is an arcade-style mug-pushing fantasy bar brawler, with its unicorn eyes set on the Winnitron. It’s being built in Unity. For this project, I’m doing all the work within Unity (programming, game design, etc), as well as some environment modeling. The characters, textures, and additional art are being done by some of my talented friends, Katherine Tymchuk, Amy Gerardy, Reema Andrade, Colin Leblond and Matthew Bachnick. It’s a crazy collaborative project we’ve been working on for a while, and there’ll be more to show off soon as we get closer to completing it! You can follow Afrocorn’s progress on its devlog.

You can play a very early demo build of Afrocorn here. It only contains the first level and is without audio, but we’re looking to get initial impressions on the concept and feedback on the fundamentals of the gameplay. Use the info below the game on the demo page to contact us and let us know what you think of it!

Afrocorn Screen 1

Afrocorn Screen 2

Afrocorn Screen 3